Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Facts about Bottled Water: Could it be Harming your Oral Health?

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Water is an essential nutrient for human survival and well-being. Weight loss, an improved complexion and reduced toxins are some of the benefits that drinking eight glasses of water a day can give you!
However, we can not leave aside the fact that fluoride exists naturally in water sources and that it’s a decay-preventive element that maintains and improves your oral health. Thus, if your primary source of drinking water comes from bottled water, you might not be getting enough of this cavity-fighting mineral.

Laser Dentistry for Canker Sores!

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There is No Need to Prolong the Pain….Let us Heal your Canker Sores in Seconds!

Do you recall noticing a painful open sore with a red border and a white or yellowish center developing in your mouth? Have you ever felt a tingling or burning sensation inside you mouth or lips? It is most likely by now that you know we are talking about Canker sores or oral ulcers. Our Burbank dentist has the perfect solution for these uncomfortable sores!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In The Spotlight: Technology to Smile About!

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"Local dentist uses a hand-held scanner rather than a scraper to detect cavities!"
By Michael J. Arvizu

dentist in Burbank

Burbank Leader Magazine

Going to the dentist can be a trying experience for some, especially when it comes to cavity detection, fillings and root canals.
But newer technology is changing all that, allowing dentists to provide less-invasive procedures that cause less pain.